Foraging exploration

Inspired by world renowned chef, René Redzepi, University of Oregon student, Maegan McCoy has been studying safe foods to eat out in nature.

University of Oregon student, Maegan McCoy, trys some fennel growing outside Urban Farm on a nature walk. “I found poison hemlock growing outside the fence,” McCoy said. “I’m glad I was there to notice it was growing so I could alert Urban Farm.”
McCoy tastes some foliage. “You would be surprised what greens can taste good,” McCoy, said, “mostly it’s anything that doesn’t make you want to spit it out immediately.”
Poison hemlock, growing outside the Urban Farm in Eugene, Oregon. “It’s easy to mistake it for wild carrots, but the purple spots on the stems are a giveaway,” Maegan said. “They are an invasive species and should be removed by using goats”. Maegan later alerted Urban Farm to the infestation.
“I want to be like René,” McCoy, holding fennel greens, said, “I want to eat random greens like René Redzepi because he had the best restaurant in the world.”

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