Making bread

College student, Audrey Brooks, 19, measures out ingredients and shares why they make bread. Flour and yeast started disappearing from store shelves last March when bread-making became a popular quarantine activity. “I like honey because it adds depth to the bread, whereas sugar is just food for the yeast, honey is also flavor for us,” Brooks said.
Brooks, 19, in the process of slicing up a freshly baked loaf of bread. Making bread has become a therapeutic activity to distract from everything going on in the world. Brooks, 19, shared “[making bread] is meditative almost. It’s a good activity to do when you have lots of time.”
In her home in Eugene, Oregon, Brooks, 19, stirs the bread yeast into the dough. Brooks, 19, has tried many techniques over the coarse of the last few months in making bread. They are making the dough.
In their kitchen, Brooks, 19, starts to stir the dough for their bread. “Bread-making is like community building, it brings people together,” Brooks, 19, said. “Everyone loves bread and it’s fun to make with people.”
Punching the dough mid-rise makes the bread fluffy and helps with the texture. “Bread is the cornerstone of civilization as we know it,” Brooks, 19, said. “Knowing how to make bread is like knowing how to be human.”

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