Winter 2021 with Maegan

Our winter term this year was spent helping each other through the difficulties of online classes during a pandemic. Here are some photos of the places, people, and animals I have been with these past months.

We spent a week in January with Maegan’s goats in Medford, Oregon. I will take more goat pictures the next time I see them. I really like the framing with the fence I was able to achieve in this photo. I wanted to get a photo with Stella framed and looking into the lens and am happy I was able to capture this moment. I really like that her sister, Zelda, in looking back at her and that her face wasn’t cut off by Stella or the fence. I wanted to take a photo that exhibited a renaissance triangular composition.

After screaming for attention, Stella the goat poses for a photo. “Stella loves attention and screaming. She loves apples, hay, cranberries, and pine needles,” Maegan tells me of her goat, “She’s always eating, and is loud.”

Back at our apartment in Eugene, Oregon we shared many mornings together in our living room. I found that this room gets the best lighting in our whole apartment late morning to early afternoon. While this photo isn’t technically perfect, I really like the lighting and expression I was able to capture.

In the living room of her apartment, Maegan McCoy looks for spiders on the ceiling “spiders are scary, but killing them is bad karma, so I just have to live with them.”

We travel under Onyx Bridge almost every time we visit campus. This day I set out with the intention of only taking photos at 35mm. I had not planned on my photo of the bridge that I pass so often being my favorite. I plan to take photos of Onyx Bridge again so I can create a photo with less distortion. I really like the imperfections in the architecture in this photo, like the interrupted rhythm in the window placement, I am excited to photograph it again.

Onyx Bridge connects Pacific Hall and Klamath Hall on the north side of campus at the University of Oregon. “I go under this bridge whenever I go to campus,” student, Maegan McCoy, said, “the design feels a little oppressive.”

We had an unfortunate occurrence of our groceries disappearing from our front door, presumably by the muskrats that live in the river outside our apartment. I knew it would be impossible to take a well lit photo in this room at this hour but I really liked the textures I ended up with. This window is east facing so this room would be a good place for if I want to take portraits in the morning.

The days following the unfortunate disappearance of the bakers chocolate from the instacart order, Maegan McCoy glanced out the window every so often to check on the muskrats, “I really wanted to look out for the muskrats to see if they survived the chocolate.”

Maegan’s bearded dragon, Lucy, has gotten a lot of attention since people are always in the apartment. I took over 400 photos of Lucy this day, trying to get just one where her eye was in focus. I will take her picture again, earlier in the day when there is more light and it is easier to take a well lit photo. We have had many morning tea parties with Lucy this past month. We have discovered that her favorite food is raspberries but she can not have them often.

Bearded dragon, Lucy, likes to spend time watching Batman. “Lucy loves to climb and jump,” says Nicha, roommate of Lucy, “she can be a real hassle.”

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