Abundance Foraging

Eugene hosted Alexis Nikole Nelson this week, she was welcomed as the keynote speaker for Abundance 2023. After the keynote talk, she led a foraging walk where she pointed out plants I learned to now look out for.

Here I am consolidating some photos from the day, as well as things I took note of on the walk!

Students gathered for a foraging walk inside of the Outdoor Program Rental Barn

Her tip on finding four-leaf clovers: “what you see is a sea of triangles, look for the square”

Alexis showed us a kind of cleaver which is a sticky plant that works a bit like velcro

Captured is Maegan McCoy filming a passing hummingbird on a camcorder

The group took notes throughout the walk

A highlight of the walk having been finding morels! Alexis’s second find of the season, for many on the walk our first or first ever

“one of my friends makes a cherry cake where the flour is just dried cherries, it is the most decadent thing, he only makes it once a year and I want to make it this year”

“I need to talk more about medicinal uses because I use a lot of plants in conjuncture with modern medicine”

I made note that cow parsnip works as a good muscle relaxant and is used in insomnia remedies, “if I’m having sleep issues I would mix mugwort and passion flower leaves will knock you out.”

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