Unique phenomena

Here is my college app. essay, it is the best way to get to know me, the challenges I have faced as a visually impaired photographer, and my current goals as a photojournalist. 

Looking back at my time in high school, I realized how much of my time was spent overcoming barriers, whether environmental or self imposed.

Since the first time I picked up a camera, I immediately recognized photography was what I am meant to pursue. I still have so much to learn. My goal is to strengthen my skills and increase my knowledge.

As a photographer I experience a unique phenomena. When I look through the viewfinder of my camera, I can see more clearly than I normally see. Photography has allowed me to view not only the world but life in a clearer way. I do not capture the world as I see it, I capture the world as I perceive it. I revel in every detail because of the perspective allowed by the lens.

For the second it takes to snap the photo, I try to truly connect with the subject on the other end of the lens. Connecting with people through photography and journalism has helped me defy the internal barriers I face. I love the quote, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, “when I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear,” because I can relate to it. Before I started capturing portraits, I had a hard time talking to people I did not know. It has taken me a long time to find my voice. Not just my voice, but rather the words to explain the emotions I feel. Art has allowed me to express myself when no words can. Journalism has forced me to talk to people.

Art is a language interpreted in many different ways.  Everyone has an understanding of the message the first time they look at a piece. Art is a way of showing emotions and visualizing thoughts and ideas. Photography does make a difference in the world. Sharing my photojournalism has allowed me to conceptually and characteristically tell stories that make an impact.

My junior year I worked as part of publications staff for the yearbook at my school. This was the first time I was working as part of a team for something that I really cared about. I learned that even if others don’t do their part, you still have deadlines and you still have to produce exceptional work. I know how to work well with others, and how to make the quiet ones in the group feel like they get their voices heard. I grew and learned the most as a person that year.

What I look forward to the most in the future is surrounding myself and making connections with people who have the same interests and passion for sharing peoples stories through photography and journalism.  Since I am dedicated to art and photography, I know that training and education will help me achieve my goals and career.


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