we have had #ENOUGH

Photo’s from March For Our Lives Portland. WLHS student’s share why they participated in the March For Our Lives and the nationwide school walkouts which pushed for gun reform.

“The most offensive, obscene part of the string of shootings has been the lack of reaction. Not just from the government, which is seemingly incapable of passing any gun control legislation, but from a populace that seems willing to sit back and accept it,” Wallace Milner, junior said. “I think you have an obligation when you see something like mass murder to stand up and demand change. I think that’s your obligation as a human being.”
“I felt that if every school shows support, it would prove to our community that we actually cared about it. Even though it didn’t happen here it still impacted every student,” Moya Moses said.


“I wanted to honor kids just like me who had to go through something so terrible, people who had to hide in closets and bathrooms and classrooms and importers in their desks with the lights off for an hour because they thought they were going to die; and for the 17 people that lost their lives because of tragedy. I participated in the walkout because I have to go to school and fear for this too. It’s a constant fear in our nation right now that something like this will happen to us, I think that needs to change,” Susie Walters said.


“If we really want to make an impact we must push to have conversations about crafting solutions and trying to find some common ground.” -Laila Elmashni




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