TheAntiMedia posted “Last week, Americans were scared of gays in public restrooms and memorizing a Muslim sports figure.  This week they suddenly care about gays and are afraid of Muslims.” We are fed new stories all the time.  We react by coming together, and dedicating posts and starting conversations.  But then a new story comes along and the conversation dies out, so nothing gets done.  The conversations have to continue.  Right now we are coming together, grieving over the souls lost in the largest mass shooting in this countries recent history.  This was a hate crime.  We need more love, more acceptance.  We live in a “free” country, we should be free to express ourselves for who we are, without the fear of being hurt for doing so. It’s absolutely horrible how people being themselves, and loving who they love led to this.  May the victims rest in Peace, Paradise, and Pride.
#PrayForOrlando #PrayForPeace#NoHateJustLove #LoveisLove

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