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Interviews for yearbook spread

When I worked on the Winter Sports Recap spread I interviewed athletes from different positions and grades.

Sean Harmon – Wrestling

Q: What are you going to remember from this past season?

A: We had a pretty tough team and that made it pretty fun. I’m always going to remember before the districts finals hanging out with the seniors because that’s the last districts we are going to have together.

Abigail Harpole – Junior, Dance, Captain

Q: How has your team performed this past season?

A: Our freshman and new members have been doing super well, they have all improved tremendously throughout the season, I’m really proud of them. They have become some of my closest friends.

Annaliese Martinsen – Senior, Cheer, Captain

Q: How many practices do you have a week?

A: It’s been pretty busy with practice five days a week. But it’s worth it because it pays off for competitions and games. We just got back from Nationals and we got fourteenth in the nation.

Maximilian Michelon – Senior, Boys Basketball

Q: What is the coolest thing that happened this season?

A: We went to Kentucky, it was really cool. It was my first year on varsity and it has been really cool to be more a part of the sport.

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