Being a part of a staff

The first time I worked as part of staff, was when I first joined the yearbook staff at my school. This was the first time I was working as part of a team for something that I really cared about. I was working on coverage spreads, and placed in a team of three other people and myself. I learned so much in just the first few weeks. I learned that your team can quit, and that doesn’t mean that you get to. I learned that even if others don’t do their part, you still have deadlines, and you still have to produce exceptional work.

Being a team leader

It was not till I was a team’s leader and had people under me that I realized how nice it is to have people help you. I know how to work well with others, and how to make the quiet ones in the group feel like they get their voices heard.

I would check in with my team members at least twice a class period; once at the beginning of class to make sure they know their goals for what they need to get done that day, and once at the end to see if they met their goals. If anyone on my team ever looked lost, I would check on them and help them make a game plan on how to accomplish their goals.



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