Law and Ethics

Education on law and ethics

The law refers to a systematic body of rules that governs the whole society and the actions of its individual members.

Ethics is a branch of moral philosophy that guides people about the basic human conduct.

Violation of law is not permissible which may result in punishment like imprisonment or fine or both.

In practice

I always make sure that everyone one on my staff and I record all interviews to make sure no ones words are changed, and interviewing people from more than one side of the story.

The law part is making sure that no words are changed from what the interviewee said in the recording of interview to when the story is published.

The ethics part is making sure there is more than one side is represented in the story.

Our main goal for the yearbook this year was to get as many people covered as possible. We worked hard to capture a multitude of stories so that the book would fairly represent our school.


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